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Children's Week in WOW!

ItsAstrya, Apr 30, 12 12:18 PM.
Yet another round of achievements to gather for yet another world event! Childrens week will have you chasing an orphan around showing him or her the sights of azeroth, northrend, or where ever thier little heart wants to see. The quests are simple, and mildly entertaining, and there are prizes to be won. 

Here is a easy Childrens Week Guide for those who have never done this world event before, or, need a refresher on what to do, where to go. 

For those interested, there are a few companion pets to obtain from this world event, and it's also worth noting (as per wowhead) that pets will be accountwide. This means you will be able to trade pets from one toon to another, on the same account. As many of us know there is talk of some form of pet battles in MoP, well, if this is your thang, then I suggest collecting, and collecting fast! 

Reguardless, Childrens Week offers a break from the normal mindless grind and bash, and may even show you some places on this world we call warcraft that you may have not seen before! 

As always, if anyone needs any help with the quests for world events, I'd be glad to assist!

The Great Noblegarden EggHunt!

ItsAstrya, Apr 10, 12 10:38 AM.
While everyone is busy recovering from the easter weekend (i know i am!) Fun is to be had in-game with the Noblegarden world event. I personally have missed this one before, as I took time off the game before it was put into the game, so i have to bust my fluffy tail and get to collecting eggs! Some places I have found that are not so populated as Goldshire, are Dolanaar, and Azure Watch. If you need a port, or want to group up to hunt, hop on with me!

The Great Noblegarden Egghunt! Sponsored by Wowhead is also on! The low down skinny = 10 clues are posted on the link above. You have to sleuth and hunt, and use your best googling skills to find the answers in the wowhead database. For each answer you find, you will receive an achievement entry to the contest. Here is a link to the prizes that are available to win. The clues are pretty easy for anyone who has been in the game for a while. Good luck, and hoppy hunting!

Movin' on up... to the east side....!

ItsAstrya, Mar 29, 12 9:09 AM.
Kudos go out to the guild!! What a night.. a smooth sailing into 10m Dragon Soul lead us right up to Warmaster Blackhorn. People were on game, spirits were high, and fun was to be had by all! 
We ended up pugging a few of our team, one of which shortly after joined our guild, Tinklenutz, welcome! 

Some of the epic lewts to be had:
Leggings of the Corrupted Vanquisher
Shoulders of the Corrupted Protector
Curled Twilight Claw
Mosswrought Shoulderguards
Lightning Rod

A leather working pattern, as well as some Essences of Destruction. All in all it was a great night for raiding, and Legio Ferrata went in, kicked ass, and took a few names   Way to GO!

Can you say... Legio Ferrata in the house!

ItsAstrya, Mar 12, 12 11:39 PM.
Tonight our team got together and successfully ran a 10m DS raid! I am very proud of everyone for pulling together, and putting our face back in the name of the game! Congrats go out to Diva, and Shamani, on new delicious loots! 

Legio Ferrata, Hoooooahhhhh!

Core 10 man Team for progression into Dragon Soul

Tossbak, Mar 4, 12 10:23 PM.
                                                  Ladies and Gentlemen of Legio Ferrata

        The Consul and I, as well as the officers having made a group decision, have come to the conclusion that we are ready to start a serious core raid team for progression into Dragon Soul 10 man instance. We have and have at least half of the roster here, and are going to recruit respectful new members for the team, probationary members, (raiders new to guild) will be on a probationary status until they have proven not only reliable, but have come up with a permanent schedule that they are able to be called on or about to raid. We have had several discussions regarding these recent changes, and feel pretty good about the things to come, If you would like to join the ranks of the core team, providing you have a toon that is viable and\or raid ready, please contact Sean, Astrya, or myself in this matter, we hope to receive a number of applications, and will be openly recruiting on this matter, if there are any further questions or concerns please feel free to contact the consul or officers.. As always, we are blessed to have the remaining family that we do, and I hope there is an opportunity to grow as well as learn some features and end game content!

                                                                                                    Tossbak (Pro-Consul)

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